Help police track danger quad bikes in Kirkcaldy

Police in Kirkcaldy have issued an appeal to the public to help trace irresponsible drivers of quad and off-road bikes which are causing a menace around the town.

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 9:00 am
Quad bikes in Dunnikier Park

They are asking residents to report any information on where the bikes are being kept when they are not being driven around.

As the Press reported recently, the problem has been increasing in recent months with bikes being ridden in Kirkcaldy’s parks and open spaces, posing a danger to youngsters playing nearby.

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Churned up grass caused by illegal quad bikes in the Broom Road area of the town

Many areas of the town from Asda and right along the northern boundary to Chapel are being affected by the illegal and dangerous driving, with Dunnikier Park and nearby woods, Rabbit Braes, Templehall and the green corridor along from Torbain Primary School to Chapel Road among the worst affected.

At a meeting of the Templehall Neighbourhood Development Planning group last week, local councillor Neil Crooks spoke to police about the problem.

“This problem is widespread in the town and the damage that is being caused is significant, but what’s more worrying is that they are endangering people’s lives,” he said.

“This goes beyond an acceptable nuisance and the public have to report where these people are coming from and where they store their bikes.

“If they don’t want to speak directly to the police they can contact Crimestoppers to get information about bikes and their riders to the police.”

PC Cammie Lee who was at the meeting, said: “The quads have to be driven from somewhere before they cut up grassed areas in Templehall, Rabbit Braes, Dunnikier Park etc. There are also obvious dangers given the areas they frequent are used by children and people walking their dogs.

“More and more people are providing information when they see the quads destroying grassed areas near them.

“Every call counts but getting to know where the bikes begin and end their journey is how we will bring this abuse to an end.”