Helping Kirkcaldy folk to save energy

Greener kirkcaldy has offered advice on how to save energy bills this winter
Greener kirkcaldy has offered advice on how to save energy bills this winter

With winter bills hitting town doorsteps over the next few weeks, Greener Kirkcaldy is gearing up to help locals find ways of saving energy.

The charity’s experienced home energy advisors have helped thousands of householders in the Kirkcaldy area with low cost and practical tips about how to save money on fuel.

Amanda Quinn, project manager at Greener Kirkcaldy said: “It’s important to not only understand your energy bills and tariffs but also how to operate and monitor energy controls for example thermostats. Many people are at a loss when it comes to managing heating, but Greener Kirkcaldy can change that in a few simple steps.”

She offered advice for example fitting curtains on windows and doors to reduce heat loss helps. Closing doors keeps the heat in as well as draught proof edging around doors, windows, letterboxes and chimneys not in use.

If you are only using one room, focus the heat there and just heat the other rooms as needed.

And when it comes to the bathroom, Amanda said taking short showers uses much less energy than baths. In the kitchen when boiling the kettle only heat the amount of water you need. Wash clothes at 30 degrees and remember a full load in the washing machine is more efficient.

She said appliances should also be switched off when finished. For more energy saving advice a home visit can be arranged by Greener Kirkcaldy. It takes around 45 minutes and an energy adviser can advise on where savings can be made. To book call (01592) 858458 or email: