Henning Wehn: Einz, Zwei, DIY Queens Hall (Venue 72)

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Henning Wehn: Einz, Zwei, DIY

Queens Hall (Venue 72)

It’s safe to say this is the only stand-up show that tackles the issues of mortgages and house prices.

The topics may be dry, but they fit Wehn’s style as he picks apart British attitudes and views in a show where he even acts as his own warm-up man!

The first half is Wehn bringing his Germanic view of life to the stage.

After the interval we get ‘Einz, Zwei, DIY’ which is a neat pun but has, in fact, little to do with the content of the show, save for a toolbox as a prop.

Wehn is a smart, intelligent comedian and his material reflects that.

Few would take on the rise in London house prices let alone the city’s oligarchs before swooping on Wonga and then hitting the home run.

Add in some football (including the inevitable world Cup references!), a bit on health and his unique take on life as a German in the UK - absolutely no-one else could getaway with the opening line of ‘let’s get this rally started’ - and you have a fine night of comedy.

The Queens Hall is a big venue for a stand-up comedian to fill. Wehn manages it and keeps us all thoroughly entertained.

Oh, and you also get a free pen and a chance to win a case of wine. German, of course...