Heritage on board

The Reaper
The Reaper

‘Reaper’, the 112-year-old flagship of the Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther, has just finished an educational first major event of 2014.

Over a fortnight, she visited Tayport, Arbroath, Stonehaven and Montrose, and, at each venue, the pupils of the local primary schools visited the boat and were taught about fishing in the early 20th century.

They also learned how to live aboard a herring drifter, how to haul up a sail, and how to walk the plank!

At one harbour, a TV crew came on board and the boat, its crew and the children appeared on the local STV evening news.

The feedback from the schools’ teachers indicated a great enthusiasm and enjoyment of the children on the boat – while the Reaper’s crew greatly enjoyed the children’s enthusiasm and eagerness. Thoughts are already turning to where Reaper might visit for the 2015 Schools Outreach Programme, continuing an important educational initiative that began in 2009.

Reaper’s duties at last Saturday’s Scottish Fisheries Museum Open Day are being followed by visits to Portsoy, Arbroath and Whitby for their festivals, a first-time visit up the Tyne to a new event in Newcastle, as well as leading the Flotilla in this September’s Forth Bridges Festival and visits to other harbours along Scotland’s east coast .