Hi Josh! We found a message in a bottle!

Look what we found - a message in a bottle!
Look what we found - a message in a bottle!

A trip to Leven beach turned into a voyage of discovery for nursery kids who stumbled across a message in a bottle - all the way from Kirkcaldy!

The green paper note inside was from Josh Young (8) who had set sail to his note just one day earlier.

The message inside from Josh (8)

The message inside from Josh (8)

An excited group of pre-schoolers, from Poppyview Nursery in Methil found the sports bottle washed up on shore.

To their delight, inside, the message said: “My name is Josh Young.

“I stay in Kirkcaldy and am an eight year old boy.

“This year is 2016.

“I have two pet cats called Dino and Spike and a gold fish called Darwin.”

He added:“I love to visit the beach on a hot summer day even though it is autumn it feels very hot today.”

Katrina Walker, an early years practitioner with Poppyview Nursery contacted the Press to let Josh know his bottle had been found.

She said: “I just assume it travelled 10 miles from Kirkcaldy and the boy hadn’t come to Leven Beach for the day!

“The children read and replied to the message and then popped it back into the water,” Katrina added.

In addition the nursery children, all aged between three and five years, created their own new message in a bottle which they threw into the water alongside Josh’s .

“It would be nice if someone found that and contacted us as well,” Katrina added

And who knows where? Stornoway? Cornwall?

“The kids are hoping the bottle will reach Largo,” she said.