High fives as ‘Fiver Fest’ hits Burntisland

Organisers of Burntisland's Totally Locally 'Fiver Fest'. Pic: FPA
Organisers of Burntisland's Totally Locally 'Fiver Fest'. Pic: FPA

Totally Locally Burntisland is set to launch its latest ‘Fiver Fest’ as the social enterprise goes from strength to strength in the town.

Around 30 local businesses have signed up to take part in the campaign, which will run from Monday to Sunday and has a variety of offers available among local traders for just £5.

It’s estimated if everyone in Burntisland spent an extra £5 per week in independent shops in the town, it would boost the local economy by £1.4m.

This year, the message from the group is to ask people to spend the £5 they were going to spend anyway.

Lorna Duffin was one of the traders who helped set up Totally Locally Burntisland, which was first launched last year, and says it’s given the town a shot in the arm.

“It’s a long term project,” she said. “There are many other places that have taken on Totally Locally and it’s transformed their town, so that’s why we’re determined to keep on going and keep building it up.

“It’s trying to change people’s attitudes about the way they shop.

“We think it has been a success and folk are getting to know each other so much better, and there’s a lot more trust for Totally Locally between traders.”

Around 30 businesses are taking part, which is around the same as last year, and Lorna says that’s due to the nature of running small businesses. “They’ll come and go in the town, that’s just the way it is.

“There are one or two who have decided not to take part in the ‘Fiver Fest’ this year, purely from an economic decision. It’s hard for them, so that’s fair enough, but the majority do decide to opt in.”

This year, the dance studio The Space Upstairs is turning its corridor into The Space Downstairs for locals who make or do things to set up a pop up shop or stall and show people what they do.

Lorna said: “I know there are people out there so we want them to step up and take this opportunity, because we want to promote them as well as the shops and businesses. It’s not too late for them to get in touch; there are still some spaces left.”

The aim now is to keep the enterprise running and to build on its success.

“We had a good Fiver Fest last year,” Lorna said. “Business was brisk and it’s good to be able to talk to people and tell them why we’re
doing this.

“There’s a whole load going on behind the scenes and there are quite a few new businesses moving in, such as Rainbow Ice Cream, which is taking part. It’s very encouraging to see.

“Our goal is to keep trade ticking over, not just for the Fiver Fest but for all year. Morrisons has a huge effect on some of the businesses here, so it’s trying to work together to look after each other.

“There’s something really lovely about us all getting together to promote each other’s businesses.”

Award winning... and it’s free!

Totally Locally is an award-winning social enterprise and shop local movement established in 2009, supporting independent retailers and offering free branding and marketing campaigns for local towns.

Teams of volunteers use the campaign to promote the importance of shopping locally in their towns, celebrate their high street and create community events.

The aim of the campaign is to support local growers, producers and services and to appreciate the things local people have on their doorstep, and to develop a collective responsibility to support local businesses in order to make towns thrive.

It seeks to be more than just a campaign for local shops but to focus on working together to lift a community and regenerate profit back into local economy.

Success stories in Scotland so far include Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute, and Lanark, Lanarkshire, which have all regenerated profit back into their communities, and Totally Locally Kinghorn is also active.

And it’s completely free of charge.