High-flying career for young juggling genius

Luke in action (pic: George McLuskie)
Luke in action (pic: George McLuskie)

A Tayport teenager is juggling his way into the world record books after becoming the youngest person ever to master an incredible 11 balls.

Luke Davies (17) is well on his way to matching the world record set in 2012 by Alex Barron of London, who earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records by keeping 13 balls in the air at once.

Luke, a pupil of Madras College, St Andrews, puts in up to seven hours practice a day to achieve his dream.

He’s already mastered some of the most difficult tricks in the juggling repertoire - including the DB97531, in which seven objects are thrown and then caught in the reverse order.

He can juggle knives, flaming torches and up to eight balls while balancing a club on his nose, not to mention seven balls behind his back.

And he’s particularly well-known in the juggling community for his heel kicks, whereby he uses his feet to kick objects into a juggling pattern.

Luke has so impressed the juggling fraternity that he’s been signed up by two juggling equipment companies, Juggle Dream and Cascade, to make videos demonstrating his amazing skills in order to help promote their products.

But he might not have known he possessed a world-class talent had he not visited a gala day in Balmullo at the age of just 10.

“There was a circus troupe there,” said Luke.

“I had wandered off and came across their stall, which they’d left unattended.

“I wanted someone to show me how to juggle but since there was nobody there I picked up some juggling balls and tried to teach myself.

“Within a few minutes I was juggling three balls and I was hooked!

“When I got home I made my own juggling balls and it took off from there. I’ve never had any lessons - I just taught myself.”

The time it takes to learn to juggle varies from person to person depending on their natural co-ordination.

It can take days or even weeks to master the cascade - the basic three-ball pattern - and many people give up in frustration.

Now Luke is aiming for a full-time career in juggling and is seeking out coaching jobs abroad.

“There are far more opportunities for jugglers in mainland Europe, particularly in France,” said Luke.

“I hope to become a juggling teacher at a circus skills school.”

Meanwhile, Luke is in big demand as an entertainer, especialy at children’s events.

You can see him in action at www.instagram@lukedaviesss or on his Facebook page, lukedaviesjuggling.

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