High Street car complaint to Council

Leven High Street
Leven High Street

A number of business owners on Leven High Street have voiced their complaints - and concerns - about the volume of traffic now on the road.

They say drivers are using the street at all hours, despite restrictions, with some driving far too fast and even the wrong way up the street.

Some have even reported drivers peeping their horns at pedestrians who appear to be in the path of their vehicle.

Fife Council restrictions state that the only vehicles which should be on the street are delivery vehicles and blue badge holders, before 2.00 p.m. and after 5.00 p.m.

Julie Herd, who owns Julie’s on the High Street, told the Mail the situation is so bad, she fears there might be an accident soon.

“Myself and my customers are sick of near misses and getting peeped at.

“Cars are parked for hours which is against the rules - cars are parked at all hours of the day and definitely outwith regulated periods.

“Traffic is now going both ways along the street again which is against the rules, and speeding, also against the rules.”

Julie made it clear she is not targetting those who are ‘genuinely’ using their blue badges to access the high street, who she says are affected just as badly.

Craid Boyd, manager at K & C Salon, agreed, and said many of his customers who need to park close to the salon because of disabilty often find it difficult because of the volume of traffic on the street.

“I’ve been on the high street for seven years and it’s always been a problem.

“Of course, some people are genuinely disabled and need to get access, but some just go too fast without any consideration to older people and other pedestrians.

“The Council just don’t seem to do much on the High Street now, no-body really seems interested.”

Colin Stirling, lead professional at Fife Council, said: “Fife Council work in close partnership with Police Scotland in relation to the enforcement of traffic restrictions in pedestrianised zones. Drivers who break these parking restrictions can expect to have enforcement action taken against them.

“We are currently reviewing the traffic restrictions that are in place in the three pedestrianised areas in Fife to help improve and strengthen our enforcement activites. We don’t feel there is a significant problem on Leven High Street but we will monitor the parking situation in the coming weeks.”