High turn out as Glenrothes goes to the polls

Referendum update
Referendum update



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The Scottish Referendum has seen the people of Glenrothes area flocking to polling stations in unprecedented numbers to cast their vote in what is already the biggest political event this country has ever witnessed.

Queues formed at several stations cross the Glenrothes area as voters got out early.

Several polling station officials told the Gazette they had seen members of the public turning up in large numbers from the moment they opened at 7.00 a.m.

Many reported receiving as much as 50 - 60 per cent turn out by lunchtime and were anticipating a surge of voters from 5.00 p.m. onwards as people make their way home from work.

A police spokesman said so far voting had been good natured and that there had been no reports of any incidents.

Leslie resident Brian Adam was first to place his historic vote in the ballot box at the Greenside polling booth in the town.

“It’s an historic time for Scotland and I just wanted to get out early to register my vote, I wasn’t expecting to be first but I suppose it adds to the sense of occasion,” he told the Gazette.

Asked how he thinks the result will turn out he added: “I’ve voted yes and am hoping that we can be successful, I’m confident having seen the amount of ‘yes’ posters and stickers in windows in the last few weeks, I’ll be up all night watching the result come in.”

Tanshall resident Barbara-Ann Haig was giving the yes campaign a final push by manning the Greenside polling station in a last minute bid to persuade any undecided voters.

“I’ve never thought to get involved in politics to such an extent but the independence debate has been inspiring for the likes of many normal members of the public, including myself,” she said.

Labour councillor John Wincott, canvassing for the Better Together campaign confirmed polling had been ‘brisk and good humoured’ from 7.00 a.m. when he arrived.

Voters have until 10.00 p.m. tonight to cast their vote with the Fife result expected to be announced at around 4.00 a.m, from Michael Woods Sports Centre where the count takes place. The national result is expected to be announced from Edinburgh by breakfast time on Friday.