Historic former hotel facing the wrecking ball

The inn is facing demolition
The inn is facing demolition

A 19th century hotel in the village of Kinnesswood could be in line for demolition to make way for a development of five houses.

A planning application has been lodged with Perth and Kinross Council by Glenrothes-based Limeblue Design and Build to knock down the dilapidated Lomond Country Inn, which lies within a conservation area.

This is the second time the application has been submitted - but this time local authority planners have told Limeblue that they must justify the demolition before the application will be considered.

A report has been commissioned from consulting engineers McGregor McMahon and Associates, who say that it is ‘very doubtful’ that retaining the building could be economically justified as it’s in such a poor state of repair.

The firm says that a better course of action would be to raze the former hotel and build a new house on the site, set back from the road and possibly incorporporating some of the hotel’s features.

The previous application to demolish the hotel was met with consternation among watchdog groups such as the Architectural Society of Scotland and Kinross-shire Civic Trust, both of whom lodged objections along with Portmoak Community Council.

They cited Perth and Kinross Council’s policy of re-using redundant buildings where possible and argued that in cases where demolition was considered acceptable, a detailed application for a replacement development should be available.

The once-popular inn has not fared well under a succession of proprietors since the introduction of the smoking ban and the subsequent recession. It finally closed its doors in 2012 and was bought by Andrew Sinclair of Limeblue the following year. It has since become an eyesore, with concerns being expressed that it’s a target for vandals.