Historic hotel wins green light for extension

ST ANDREWS;'AD pic for SCORES HOTEL'photo; walter neilson
ST ANDREWS;'AD pic for SCORES HOTEL'photo; walter neilson

ST ANDREWS’ Scores Hotel has finally been given the green light to build a large-scale extension at the rear of the current building.

The planning application was approved at a meeting of the north east Fife area committee on Wednesday, March 30, following a site visit by councillors on Monday the 28th.

A condition attached to the application - requiring the provision of additional valet parking facilities - was removed on the basis that similar requirements were not made of comparable developments in the area.

St Andrews councillor Frances Melville questioned whether the applicant had ever considered a reduced extension instead of the one proposed in the planning application?

But councillors approved the application while removing the requirement for the provision of 10 valet parking spaces off-site.

The hotel put forward a new proposal that would enable them to provide 19 parking spaces on-site without the need to demolish an outbuilding that is currently used for storage.

The planning application was recommended for approval when it went before the north east Fife area committee last month but councillors decided to wait until new parking arrangements could be considered at the same time.

With the public notification period for the parking issue now expired, and councillors having visited the site, planning permission was approved.

The extension will be a new stone-built building located behind the current hotel with a new stone front facing out onto the Scores.

A traditional, bay-windowed three storey extension would link the two buildings.

The Scores Hotel is an unlisted building, despite its location within the town’s conservation area and its proximity to the B listed Hamilton Hall.

A lack of four-star hotel facilities was cited in support of the application and the premises will target additional business from dining, weddings and conferences with their new facility.

Objections from the Old Course Hotel, who are currently renovating Hamilton Hall, and the R and A were not considered to be based on material planning considerations.

Recommending approval, the council report said the hotel extension “does not have an adverse impact on it surroundings or the viability of the town centre; is accessible to the public transport network and does not have an adverse impact upon the road network.”