History on a plate to mark Flyers’ 75 years

Kong Tian Herd and Todd Dutiaume with the 75th anniversary plate
Kong Tian Herd and Todd Dutiaume with the 75th anniversary plate

A one-off, hand-made commemorative ceramic plate has been made to mark the 75th anniversary of the Fife Flyers ice hockey team.

The unique piece of art has been hand made by Kong Qian Herd, wife of ice rink manager Ronnie Herd, who wanted to do something special to mark the occasion.

And it will take pride of place in the Flyers’ museum within the rink, which contains a selection of memorabilia from over the years.

Kong Qian, an accomplished artist, owns the Pottery House opposite Fife Ice Arena, a business she opened earlier this year to showcase her talents as a skilled Chinese artist and potter.

And in the 75th anniversary year Mrs Herd, who is a frequent visitor to the rink on game nights, decided she wanted to do something for the team she has grown to love since she came to Kirkcaldy seven years ago.

“I love making pottery which is an important part of Kirkcaldy’s history, and I love ice hockey, so to commemorate the Flyers’ 75th anniversary I thought it would be a good idea to make something special which could be kept for the club,” she explained.

“Then we thought it would be good to have something which all the players, past and present could sign, and it was decided that a plate with the club’s logo on it would be the best design.

After making the plate, it was taken to the rink to be signed by all the Flyer’s legends - the former players who were invited back for the 75th anniversary game and dinner, and the current team players, before being glazed and fired by Kong Qian, known locally as Lucy.

Flyers’ coach Todd Dutiame said: “I think this is a great idea.

‘‘We saw a lot of people respond very positively to the 75th anniversary celebrations and anything that we can do to celebrate and commemorate the landmark event is a great thing.

“Lots of people got their Flyers’ jerseys after the game, or their programmes signed, but this is a one-off.”