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A postcard image of Buckhaven Harbour from late 1800s.
A postcard image of Buckhaven Harbour from late 1800s.
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Preservationists in Buckhaven are looking for help to recapture a symbol of the town’s vivid harbour area heritage.

CLEAR – Community Led Environmental Action for Regeneration – is seeking large ship anchors, in any condition, which could be installed at Buckhaven’s old harbour as a local historical feature.

The whole place has a forlorn and neglected feel.

Allen Armstrong

Casual visitors can now barely identify the remains of old Buckhaven Harbour. But it was, in its day, one of the largest in Scotland.

CLEAR has installed two heritage panels on stone plinths at the site, explaining the harbour history and importance to the town.

“However, we believe other tangible indicators are needed,“ said secretary Allen Armstrong. “We have been looking for large ships’ anchors – in any state – which can be placed there to highlight this aspect of local history.”

Buckhaven developed as a fishing town and the harbour was home to a fleet of almost 200 boats.

Fishing declined in the early 20th century, replaced by mining, and severe storms in the 1930s breached the harbour walls, while coal waste from the Wellesley bings silted it up.

The vast harbour area was eventually infilled as part of the demolition of the old lower Buckhaven fishing quarter.

Erosion continued through high tides, and now, only part of the concrete northern jetty remains recognisable – and the whole place, said Mr Armstrong, “has a forlorn and neglected feel”.

Anyone who knows where CLEAR could obtain large or very large anchors as a donation can phone 01592 713078 or email clearfife@aol.com