Home improvement programme agreed for Glenrothes

�3m improvements for Glenrothes homes
�3m improvements for Glenrothes homes

A massive improvement programme for upgrading housing stock across the Glenrothes area has been agreed.

Councillors at last week’s Area Committee aproved the £3 million set aside for Glenrothes to implement a range of modernisation initiatives.

The executive committee at a meeting in January approved the overall budgets and target to ensure theat Fife Council was in a position to deliver the required targets laid out by the Scottish Government.

A total of 797 different jobs will be carried outbetween now and 2015 to deliver a range of improvements including 263 improved heating systems, 267 new kitchens, and 38 new sets of windows and doors.

Thework schedule is part of Fife Council’s £37.6 million plan for the region designed to meet the requirements laid out in Holyrood’s Scottish Housing Quality Standard (Fife) by 2015 programme.

A series of properties have already been surveyed across the new town by housing officials to ascertain a comprehensive list of homes that will benefit from the allocated funding.

Officers worked on the criteria various life cycles for the targeted areas such as 20 years for kitchens, 30 for bathrooms, 60s for pitched (20 for flat) roofs, 15 for heating systems and doors and windows having a life cycle of three dec ades.

Councillor Ross Vettraino highlightedwhat he called the “impending problems” regarding roofs on properties across the now town area.

He said: “In many buildings across Glenrothes are as much as 60 years old and have never been replaced.

“This is a massive issue that will require urgent attention and sooner rather than later, where will the funding come to tackle this issue?”
“If we don’t act soon to put in a plan to deal with this we’ll have a huge problem to deal with,” he added.

Councillor Vettraino’s concerns were noted by the committee and a report overview on the issue of roof repairs will be drawn up in due course.

Altany Craik, chairman of Glenrothes area committee, told councillors :”This can only be a good thing for the people of Glenrothes but we must be minded to build on this start and make sure there is continued progress into the future beyond this initial investment.”

He added: “I’m pleased that so many improvement works will be carried out in the next year, bringing us closer to the target of 100 per cent compliance with the Government’s Scottish Housing Quality Standard by 2015.

“The improvements will make real differences for tenants in the Glenrothes area and allow us to offer more fit for purpose, comfortable homes.”

The first homes improvements are already underway.

The agreed 2014/15 programme for Glenrothes totals £3.052 million for the next 12 months.

The Fife wide total cost is estimated to be £37.631 million.

Heating to be improved in 263 homes (value £1.356m).

Kitchens to be replaced in 267 homes (value £1.054m).

Roof relacements for 88 homes (value £429,000).

Roughcast improverments to 141 homes (value £562,000).

Window and door replacements to 38 homes (value £236,000).