Home Office orders deportation of Brazilian woman from Cardenden

Nueza Miranda Rodriguez, Milla Miranda Scott and Robert Scott
Nueza Miranda Rodriguez, Milla Miranda Scott and Robert Scott
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A Cardenden family could be torn apart after the mother, a Brazilian national, has been threatened with deportation.

Neuza Miranda Rodriguez, who has lived in the UK since 2011 on a visiting visa, has received a letter from the Home Office urging her to leave the country immediately.

Now she has lodged an appeal.

The ruling was made by the Home Office after Miss Rodriguez applied to become a permanent resident in the UK, claiming she had not failed to send the correct documents.

She lives with her partner Robert Scott and their two-year-old daughter Milla, who was born in Scotland.

Mr Scott (53), met Miss Rodriguez (27), while working in Brazil in 2011.

Neuza fell pregnant and came to live with Mr Scott so he could take care of her during her pregnancy.

Milla Miranda Ella was born in January 2012 in Scotland and the couple have lived together since.

Mr Scott supports the family by working in construction which takes him to Norway for two weeks of every month - and he is angry at the decision which may tear his family apart.

He said: “I have to keep working to support us but what happens if there is a knock at the door from immigration to take Neuza away?

“What will I do?

“It takes me two days to get home from Norway.

“What will happen to Milla? I am hopeful that they can’t just come and take Neuza and leave my two-year-old daughter on her own but I am worried about the future.

“You can’t help falling in love with someone.”

Miss Rodriguez received a letter from the Home Office confirming the receipt of key documents for her application to stay in the UK as a permanent resident such as her passport.

The refusal letter that the couple received on March 6, along with a request to leave the country, states that she failed to send the correct documents.

Mr Scott said: “I am frustrated with wasting money after money after money for them to refuse us.

“They are saying we have not applied correctly, but there is only one way on the website to do it.

“There is a cost involved with every form you send in. The application costs £601 alone.”

The couple have started the process of enrolling Milla into a nursery in Cardenden but are now unsure of their fate.

A Home Office spokesman said: “All applications are considered on their individual merits and in line with the immigration rules.”