Homelands is perfect fit for MS society

Fife Branch MS Society - Pamper Day at Homelands. Pic by FPA
Fife Branch MS Society - Pamper Day at Homelands. Pic by FPA

The MS Society Fife branch has hailed a free therapy day held at Homelands Trust-Fife in Lundin Links as a huge success.

Organisers were overwhelmed with the number of people who participated in the event, with over 50 people with MS, along with their friends and family, coming through the doors.

And now the branch is planning to make the alternative therapy sessions a regular thing in 2015, thanks to the brilliant feedback.

Amy Sutherland, volunteer co-ordinator at the Fife branch, said: “It was absolutely mobbed, and we’ve had such wonderful feedback.

“The event was organised not only for socialising, but to open people up to these alternative therapies, as some had never heard of them before.”

Four alternative therapists were on hand to offer a number of treatments, including head massage, reflexology, and accupressure massage, as well as seated activites.

“We’ve had people coming from all over Fife, from as far as St Andrews, Dalgety Bay, Rosyth and Strathmiglo,” Amy added. “It’s been really good to see some new faces. and it’s a great way to publicise the society.”

Liz Teevan, lead support worker, said: “After we consider the feedback, we’ll look at having similar therapy days on either a monthly or bi-monthly basis, which won’t be completely free, but will be subsidised by the society.

“What’s been great about the therapists we have is most of them have experience of working with people who have long-term conditions like MS, so they know how to work around it.

“If you go to a beauty spa or a sports centre, they might not have catered treatments, so at least coming to something like this, you know the therapists have that experience.”

Katrona Brown, from Strathmiglo, received her MS diagnosis in February 2013, but has had symptoms for nearly 10 years. She said: “I enjoy coming to events like this organised by the society, because everyone is the same – you’re not different here, you can just feel normal.”

Many people with MS living in Fife have waited a long time to see the Homelands site become a reality, since Miss Isobel Paxton gifted her home and its land to the MS Society over 20 years ago. Liz said: “The cottages and the Paxton Centre are designed to be fully accessible, which is great for us because normally we would have to find somewhere which isn’t restricted, which can be harder than you think.

“This is an absolutely fantastic facility and the MS Society is delighted to have it, and we hope lots of other organisations for people with long term conditions will use it too.”

For more details of the MS Society in Fife, go to www.mssocietyfife.org.uk

A three-week taster session of a seated exercise class will run at the Paxton Centre on Wednesday mornings, starting today until December 17. Classes start at 10.30 a.m. and cost £4 - call 01333 329039 to book a place. The class is based on the Lebed Therapeutic Exercise Programme, and may be beneficial for individuals with lymphoedema, MS, Parkinsons, chronic fatigue, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other chronic illnesses. The Paxton Centre will also be open for informal drop in sessions on Monday December 8 and 15 between 1.00p.m.-4.00 p.m. for those interested in finding out about the 2015 programme.