Homes developer counters Aberdour residents’ claims

Over 200 Aberdour residents attended the meeting
Over 200 Aberdour residents attended the meeting

Aberdour residents have hit back at a luxury homes developer after it was claimed objectors were misleading the public.

CALA Homes addressed around 200 residents at a public exhibition recently to dispel “inaccurate speculation” surrounding its plans to build 91 new homes on the eastern end of the village.

Derek Lawson, strategic land director (East), said: “A series of public posters emerged ahead of the event containing alarming speculations – some of which included an assumption that this would lead to pumping of untreated waste onto Silver Sands beach, and the local school being unable to cope with the influx of families.

“These were simply not true. CALA is a responsible developer and we will work within the confines of the statutory processes, to mitigate the impacts generated by our developments.”

While CALA described the meeting as positive, East Aberdour Residents’ group claimed 165 people in attendance signed letters of objection afterwards and the majority were people not affected directly by the development. Copies would be sent to MSP Annabelle Ewing.

A spokesman said: “Aberdour residents are angered at CALA’s description of their awareness campaign as misinformation and inaccurate speculation. All opposition material has been circulated in good faith and derived from evidence held by or presented to the campaign group.

“Supporting information was provided by Scottish Water and Aberdour Primary School in relation to the issues around the waste water treatment work’s capacity and primary school places.”

CALA Homes said its first design proposal for Aberdour included 91 homes but since the process was at a very early stage the eventual number was a “long way from being determined”.

CALA first expressed interest in developing two sites on opposite sides of Main Street three years ago .

Fife Council planners supported the site but councillors later removed it from the draft Local Development Plan (LDP). CALA has requested the site, which has been through a full and formal consideration process, should be reinstated.