Horror as rollercoaster strands Glenrothes mum and 9 year-old son 90ft in the air

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A GLENROTHES woman has spoken about her and her son’s terrifying five hours trapped at 90 feet up on a rollercoaster, reports KEVIN QUINN.

On Sunday Tracie Graham and her nine year old son Logan were trapped after a broken chain stopped the rollercoaster they were on at M & D’s in Strathclyde Park.

She said: “The rollercoaster broke down at the highest point. It got to the top and then there was a bang and the whole thing just shuddered and stopped. The chain had snapped.

“We finally got off about quarter to nine. We had to get abseiled down as the ground was too soft for the fire brigade, so the mountain rescue team came.

“It was more the fact that we did not know what was going on.

“My son was petrified that it would fall. We were about 90 feet up. We were right at the front and couldn’t really move to see what was happening. We just heard voices behind us.

“To start with someone from the grounds threw us down bottles of water and told us help would be here soon.

“Logan was the youngest on the ride, so they got him off first. It was such a relief to get down.

“But I don’t feel bad towards M&Ds, I think it was just a freak accident.

“Although, it had to happen when we were on it!”