Housing favoured at former pub premises

The derelict site of the former Silver Tassie pub in Leven's Linnwood Drive.
The derelict site of the former Silver Tassie pub in Leven's Linnwood Drive.
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A SMALL property development could be standing on Leven’s old Silver Tassie site in 2013.

Sixteen months on from a fire which destroyed the former pub, land owner Kingdom Taverns is in fresh talks over how best to revitalise the fenced-off Linnwood Drive location.

The firm’s managing director, Dean Melville, said it was “more than likely” to be a property development, with maybe two to three terraced houses or a small unit of flats.

“We do have it marketed for sale at the moment, through Graham and Sibbald, but we are thinking about developing it ourselves through one of our property companies,” he told the Mail.

Architects had been to survey the site and discussions had recently started on the favoured forms of progress, but things were still at a very early stage.

Mr Melville said the venue had been on the market for a while but there had been no enquiries.

A small build-to-let development could be the way ahead, he added, as build-to-sell projects were difficult at the moment for many developers and building companies.

It would be next year before any work started, said Mr Melville, as the scheme had to go through the planning process after the discussions and the advice from architects.

The Silver Tassie was one of Leven’s best known pubs for many years but had lain derelict for over a year before the fire in June 2011.

The blaze occurred just 10 days before the building was due to be auctioned off at a public event in Glasgow, with a listed price of around £70,000.

Five fire engines and around 30 firefighters were in attendance at the height of the fire, with crews on the scene for around nine hours.