Hundreds sign Cupar road safety petition

MP Stephen Gethins, third from right, and Cllr Karen Marjoram, fourth from right, with locals.
MP Stephen Gethins, third from right, and Cllr Karen Marjoram, fourth from right, with locals.

Hundreds of Cuparians have signed a petition calling for urgent improvements to be made to cut speeding in Cupar’s busy Burnside.

More than three hundred people have signed the petition asking Fife Council to look at ways of making the street safer for pedestrians particularly children and people using mobility scooters.

Local MP Stephen Gethins and Cupar councillor Karen Marjoram received the petition from residents and will be handing it over to Fife Council’s transportation department.

The petition calls for Fife Council to look at providing a series of safety measures with include a controlled pedestrian crossing in place of the existing traffic island, ‘slow down’ signs in both directions, a lowering of the current speed limit, and the provision of a road safety crossing officer at the start and end of the school day.

“Burnside is one of the busiest streets in Cupar and I can completely understand why residents are so concerned about the speed,” said Mr Gethins.

“You only need to stand there for a few minutes to see how difficult it is to cross; because of the bend from Bank Street visibility is difficult, there are two junctions which converge close to each other and the speed of traffic makes it very difficult to take that judgement call about whether it’s safe to cross.

“For a child or person with mobility issues, it is almost impossible to cross without taking your life in your hands.

“I am glad that following enquiries made by my constituency office, Fife Council transportation services have agreed to look at addressing this issue and I hope this can be done as soon as possible.”

Councillor Marjoram added: “Well done to Thelma Christian and her neighbours for starting the petition and to all those involved, including local businesses, in getting support for it.

“There are so many people living in Newtown, Dalgairn Crescent, Upper Dalgairn, Halford Court, Bishopgate and the surrounding area who all need to cross this road and it is vital they can do so safely. I will continue to work with residents and Fife Council to find the best way forward.”

The petition will now be handed to Fife Council.

Colin Stirling, Fife Council Traffic Management lead consultant, said: “The content of the petition will be processed in line with Fife Council’s petitions policy and we will fully consider the concerns that have been raised.”