I can relate to how Maggie’s visitors feel

Louise Duncan, Maggie's Fife fundraising organiser
Louise Duncan, Maggie's Fife fundraising organiser

Louise Duncan, fundraising organiser at Maggie’s Fife, has an added incentive in putting her heart into her new job, because she can empathise with the many visitors to the cancer caring centre.

The 27-year-old has undergone treatment for thyroid cancer aged just 18, and it was a stressful time for her close-knit family who really helped her through the ordeal.

“It was a real shock for us all, but we got through it together, and both my family and myself were helped tremendously by the Maggie’s Centre in Dundee, where I come from,” she explained.

And this week, as she began full-time work at the centre, after almost six months working three days a week, she told the Press she had been made to really feel at home and part of the team at the cancer caring centre.

“The people of Fife are brilliant and they have been really welcoming to me in my role,” she said. “Most of them don’t know my background, but I can relate more to the people coming in to the centre each day because of my own experience.”

Louise came to the job as fundraising organiser after getting involved with the Dundee Maggie’s as a centre user.

“I mainly used the centre for cups of tea and sympathy, but my Mum used it a lot for resources and help when I was ill. After my treatment and receiving the all clear I did some volunteering at the centre and I was part of a fundraising committee. We organised a Music for Maggie’s event in 2012 and I helped out on the admin side now and again.”

After having to drop out of university – where she was studying psychology – for her treatment after a year, Louise went back and finished her degree.

And when jobs came up in fundraising at Fife, Highlands and Edinburgh, she applied for all three, and was offered the post in Fife in April.

“My job is dealing with the day to day donations that come in to the centre and taking care of the fundraisers, making sure they have everything they need for their events from T-shirts and posters to banners and balloons.

“I am currently dealing with all the Fit-a-thon registrations for our forthcoming fundraiser, and also helped organise a lot of the Maggie’s Twilight Walk event.

“Fife is very lucky with its dedicated fundraising team and I am delighted to be a part of it all. I’m looking forward to helping the centre continue to grow and flourish.”