‘I don’t want to be put into a home’

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More than half of people want to avoid going into care in their old age, according to a newly-published survey.

And although the survey – by legal, financial and property specialists Pagan Osborne – revealed that a third of us think we will live until we are at least the age of 85, only 28 per cent accept and are pragmatic with the thought of going into care with 18 per cent thinking it’s inevitable and scary.

Elizabeth Calderwood, who heads up the firm’s later years’ service in Fife, said: “There are a lot of misconceptions about getting older and going into care which this survey highlighted. The fact that over half of people say they will avoid doing so at all costs shows there is a lot of fear and concern out there.

“There is a worry that as we get older, we lose our independence. This is not necessarily the case. By planning and preparing for the future, knowing all your options and making decisions then you can live as you want for as long as possible.

“There are some fantastic care at home services if people want to stay in their own homes. For those who move into sheltered housing or care homes, then there are also some great establishments.

“It is important, no matter how far away your elderly days seem, to prepare. When it comes to issues such as care fees, how to choose your care options and implementing a Power of Attorney, it is important you have the time and support not to be forced into or rushed into any decisions.”