I love my new school because ...

After last week’s official ceremony to open Burntisland Primary, we went back to ask the people who really matter - the pupils - for their views on it. This is what they told us ...

Burntisland’s new Primary School at the Toll Park was officially opened by Gordon Brown last week.

Rory Mahady, Burntisland Primary

Rory Mahady, Burntisland Primary

After more than a year of building work by BAM Construction the pupils moved in at the start of the new school year in August.

To mark the occasion the youngsters and staff members were filmed in a four-minute video saying goodbye to workers from BAM Construction which built the new school, and exploring their new classrooms, gym hall and library.

You can see it here

And we also asked the pupils to give us their opinions on their brand new school ...

Kenzie Young (8):

“I like the new Smart Boards. We get to go on the internet and our teacher shows us what to do with them.”

Alice Mair (7):

“It is really nice. It doesn’t feel like a school, it feels like home!”

Morgan Stewart (10):

“My favourite thing is the nice big windows here. It is nice and bright and you get a good view out of them.”

Erica Wyse (10):

“I like the gym hall best. It is bigger than the other one and we can play bigger games using both halls.”

Rosa McDonald (10):

“I like the library. It is nice and cosy and a lot bigger than the old one. There are also lots of cool new books.”

Rory Mahady (8):

“I like the new computers because we don’t have to go along to the computer room to use them like we did at the old school.”

Emma Ritchie (10):

“I like the new equipment for the gym lessons like the climbing frame and the new balls and things.”

Holly Scotland (8):

“I like everything about the new school – it’s great!”

Jaxon Lowe (7):

“I like everything, but my most favourite is reading in the library. There’s a lot more space.”

Lianne Guy (8):

“I like everything in this new school. I have just moved here and this is better than my old school.”

Catherine Baker (8):

“I like that the classrooms are so much bigger than in the old school. It gives us more room to do more things like drama.”

Shaun Carter (11):

“I like the new classrooms and gym hall. We get to do lots more things that we couldn’t do in the old gym.”

Daisy McGraw (8):

“I like that it is really big and there’s lots more room to do things. Our other school was too small.”

Isabella Schmidt-Cornelius (10):

“I play the violin and I like having a special music room to be able to play it in. In the old school I had to play it in the library or the GP room.”

Liam Smith (10):

“I like that this school isn’t falling apart and the roof doesn’t leak. There’s also a bigger hall so we can play more games like hockey.”

Sophie Paterson (9):

“The new toilets are much better than in the old school. They are nice and clean and don’t smell like the old ones did!”

Milly Quigley (7):

“I like the new classrooms because they all have White Boards, and the library because I love reading in it.”

Laurie Cooke (10):

“I like the massive big cuddly dog that is in the corridor downstairs. It’s my favourite thing.”

Adam Corder (10):

“I like the (electronic) notebooks here. We don’t need to share them and we get more time on them to do things like powerpoints.”