I’m half the man I used to be!

Kyle as he looks today
Kyle as he looks today

A 20-year-old man who’s shed a whopping 11 stone in less than 18 months has embarked on a mission to share his remarkable story.

Just a year and four months ago, Kyle Mercer hit the scales at a massive 24-and-a-half stone. He wore size XXL clothes; his self-esteem was at rock bottomand his social life was non-existent.

Kyle as he looked before his dramatic weight loss

Kyle as he looked before his dramatic weight loss

He was gorging on junk food, washed down with fizzy drinks, and his spare time was spent playing computer games.

Aged just 19, Kyle was so fat he couldn’t even walk around his home village of Dunshalt without becoming out of breath.

But all that changed one day when a friend invited him along to the gym.

“It was a bit daunting at first but as soon as I lifted the weights I liked the feeling,” said Kyle.

“Within five minutes I was hooked.

“That was my turning point and I decided to go ‘cold turkey’.I stopped eating junk food and cut out the fizzy juice; started eating a healthy diet and going to the gym every day. I feel so much better about myself and am enjoying life again.”

Kyle rarely left the house before but thanks to his new-found confidence he’s getting out and about again and it was on a night out in Edinburgh that he met his girlfriend Chloe, who he says has been a huge support on his journey, as have his mum and dad, Sally and Andrew; brother Chris (21) and sister Emma (15). More in this week’s Fife Herald.