I want to be able to recycle – but I can’t!

Celia Proctor with one of the full recycling bins. Pic: FPA
Celia Proctor with one of the full recycling bins. Pic: FPA

A fed-up Kirkcaldy resident is calling for Fife Council to back-up its strong recycling message by providing a better uplift service.

Celia Proctor (74), who lives in the flats on Nicol Street, says that the large communal recycling bins behind the flats, which were introduced for residents almost four years ago, are often overflowing and are not emptied regularly.

“I went to use the paper bin for a load of cardboard I had on Friday last week and the bin behind our block was crammed full, so I went to the other three bins which are there for the 85 flats in our complex and every one was the same.

“I called the Council and someone in environmental services said the collection day was Tuesday.

“I asked the lady what I was supposed to do with my cardboard until then and if I should put it in my landfill bin and she said yes.

I was angry at this as we are always being told to recycle, but we are not being given the proper service to let us do that.

Mrs Proctor said the problem had been worse over the last couple of months.

“The bins are often used by residents in neighbouring streets, who they are not meant for, so they can fill up quickly,” she added.

“I used to just pick up the phone and say the bins are full and they would come and empty them, but that doesn’t happen any more.”

Martin Kingham, waste operations service manager, said; “The landfill bins at these flats are emptied three times a week and the paper bins four-weekly.

‘‘We are aware that the provision of recycling bins in this area is limited but unfortunately it is not easy for us to divert vehicles from where they are working on scheduled routes to pick up an interim collection somewhere else. The paper bins have been emptied and while they were full, none were overflowing.

‘‘ We will review this in the coming weeks and do our best to increase the recycling volume available to the residents.