Ian’s digging up Fife’s hidden history

Some of Ian's finds
Some of Ian's finds

An exhibition is about to be launched which brings together thousands of years worth of historical artefacts unearthed in the region.

‘Found in Fife’ is the culmination of years of painstaking searches in fields around north Glenrothes by keen metal detector enthusiast Ian Ferguson.

And now many of his most treasured finds are being put on display at a free exhibition in Freuchie.

“I’ve found so many interesting items from all sorts of ages and just thought it would be nice for the public to get a chance to see some of them,” explained Ian.

In the last decade Ian has amassed a large collection of Roman, medieval and modern artefacts, as well as a range of other interesting curios.

One of the prize artefacts is that of an Elizabeth I silver coin dated 1601 which he discovered in a Falkland field.

“I feel like I’m retracing footsteps in history, especially when you find items that are very old,” said Ian.

“It begs the question - just how did it get there?

“You never know what you may come across either.

“I’d already searched that same field a dozen times previously in the decade I’ve been metal detecting and then I discover this.”

Another favourite find of Ian’s is a Roman coin dating back to AD167 which he found in Freuchie.

Ian liaises with farmers and local land owners and declares anything significant with the authorities as treasure trove. And it’s the thrill of the unknown that keeps Ian braving all types of weather.

“Maybe it’s an unfair reflection of the frugal nature of Fifers, even ancient ones, that I’ve still to find anything gold, though a gold Saxon broach was found in Falkland a few years ago, so there’s hope for me yet, ” laughed Ian.

Every time I go out there’s a good chance I’ll find something, only this week I unearthed a spindle whorl - a 500 year old decorative piece that was used in weaving,”

Ian’s exhibition has also been given the backing of two of the major manufacturers of detectors who have supplied Ian with a number of freebies.

“Everyone has been very supportive and it’s great to have two of the main players from the detector world on board too,” Ian added.

The free exhibition is on now at the Lomond Hills Hotel, Main Street, Freuchie and runs for the next six weeks.