Ice hockey fans urged to make a food donation

Fife Flyers fans with volunteers from Glenrothes foodbank. Pic: FPA
Fife Flyers fans with volunteers from Glenrothes foodbank. Pic: FPA

Ice hockey fans are being urged to make a donation to local foodbanks when they attend Fife Flyers’ game on Saturday.

The team is working with fans and its supporters’ club to organise a Fife foodbank collection at the game against Braehead Clan at Fife Ice Arena.

They are setting up a collection point in the main foyer, just outside the Flyers’ museum, and are encouraging fans attending the game to donate one tinned/dry food item.

Volunteers will then pack up all the collected food and, where possible, bag the item to make transportation easier to foodbanks across Fife.

David Moran, who is the rink DJ and match night announcer at Flyers’ games, is one of the organisers of the collection.

He said: “I have a computer shop in Pitteuchar and we started donating to Glenrothes foodbank.

‘‘We then set up the Friends of Glenrothes Foodbank facebook page and spoke to the Flyers to see if we could do a collection at one of their games.

“It is an extremely important cause.

‘‘People are using foodbanks often because their benefits have been sanctioned and it’s hard enough when you are a single person but, when you have a family, it can be a choice between paying your rent, heating your home or buying food.

“For many, keeping a roof above their head is where the money goes, so food comes last and, if there are children involved, the food goes to them.

“You can buy a tin of unbranded potatoes for 15 pence so you could fill a bag with tins of potatoes for £1.50 and this could do a family for a week.”

He continued: “What makes it even harder just now is it’s coming up to Christmas and, once again, the food budget is reduced to buy presents for children.

‘‘We would like as many fans as possible to make a donation.”