Ideas are sought by activists

Alan Taaffe of the Kinglassie Action Group and Sheena McGowan of the Kinglassie Community Council
Alan Taaffe of the Kinglassie Action Group and Sheena McGowan of the Kinglassie Community Council

THE people of Kinglassie are being called on to help shape the future of the village, reports KEVIN QUINN.

Kinglassie Action Group and Kinglassie Community Council are holding a public consultation event on 21 June to gather local opinion on a variety of concerns and projects. Issues locally include bus routes, speeding, re-developing Lochty Park and increasing health services in the village.

Alan Taaffe from the Kinglassie Action Group explained why this has come about and what he hopes it will achieve: “We have had two general meetings that were quite successful in gathering information from people in the village about what they would like to see in Kinglassie and what problems there are.

“What prompted this one in the first instance is that Fife Council have decided that Lochty Park needs a considerable upgrade and they said they couldn’t move on it until there was a public consultation on what people wanted in the park.

“So that’s part of this consultation. We want to lump other things in too, like the bus route going though the village. One suggestion was to introduce a one-way system, but would people be for it or against it? That’s what we need to know.

“The main thing is to find out what the people in the village want.

“We want to be sure that what we do, is what they want.”

Other local issues mentioned by Mr Taaffe included floral baskets, medical coverage and Kinglassie Small Hall - which is lying empty and derelict, after Kinglassie Action Group lost out in their bid to take on the hall.

Sheena McGowan from the Kinglassie Community Council explained that consultation is important towards future projects that could benefit the village.

She said: “It’s really to find out what the majority of the community want the action group and the community council to work towards on their behalf. We have ideas, but do they fit in with what everyone else wants?

“If you are looking for funding to do anything then consultation is a big thing. So with this it’s already there if we need it.

“We are lucky here, as people have rallied round and helped with things before, like cleaning the burn. There’s a good spirit here.”

Mrs McGowan spoke about ideas to improve Lochty Park for local children, adding: “The consultation process is open to the kids too, not just adults, we want to hear everyone’s opinion.”

Kinglassie Consultation event, Thursday 21 June, 6.30pm, Big Hall, Kinglassie.