If no-one can take my animals, I’ll have to put them to sleep

Nichola McKay with two of her rescued animals
Nichola McKay with two of her rescued animals

A METHILHILL animal lover is facing the heartbreaking prospect of having to put down more than 20 abused, injured and unwanted animals she has rescued over the past 13 years, as she no longer has anywhere to keep them.

Nichola Mckay (31) currently looks after horses, ponies, donkeys and sheep, on a piece of land just along from Balcormo Mains, near Lundin Links, but the owner has decided to sell up due to retiring.

Land plea

Nichola, who balances caring for the animals whilst working full-time as an administrator at Havelock Europa, can’t afford to buy the land and is pleading with anyone who is able to help her with an alternative arrangement for homing them to contact her.

She told the Mail: “I want to keep the animals as the thought of them going into the wrong hands and they end up being neglected again is breaking my heart.

“I don’t know how much the land is going to go for but I won’t have the money to buy it.

‘‘If I did I would do it in a second.

“If I can’t find somewhere else I will have to contact the SSPCA to see if they could take them.

“If nobody takes them I’m going to have to put them to sleep - that would be the worst case scenario - that would finish me basically.”

Although unfortunate for her, Nichola understands the land owner’s decision to sell and wouldn’t criticise it, as well as asking the Mail to withhold their identity.


“It’s been like a small-holding,” she continued.

“The owner had rescued a lot of animals and I helped and then I’ve started to rescue my own. I’ve been lucky as I never paid rent, as I looked after some of the owner’s animals.

“I have always had a passion for animals. Since childhood, I have looked after both farm animals and domestic pets.

“I’ve always wanted to live on a farm and being up here is kind of like my own wee farm but that dream’s going to be shattered.

“Since I found out I’ve hardly been sleeping.

“I can’t do anything like a JustGiving page as I am not a charity but maybe I could find my own secret millionaire?

“I spend most of my spare time and my salary, feeding and paying for the upkeep of the animals - often at the expense of any other things in my life.”
Nichola has around two months before she needs to leave the land.

If anyone has any way of helping her they can contact her by calling 07729702037 or emailing nicholamackayn73@o2.co.uk.