If people can’t park, we lose business ...

Graham Neish
Graham Neish

Charity shops and organisations in the east end of Kirkcaldy High Street say they too are being hit by the town centre parking problems.

Shops such as Barnardos, Room 2 and the Bethany Shop say delivery vans continually have nowhere to stop, while some say the new parking attendants are continually asking them to move their vans on.

Customers too are affected by lack of parking, while a shortage of long-term parking for staff and volunteers is also proving a problem.

Graham Neish a trustee of the Gail Neish Dance Studio in Coal Wynd, which operates as a charity, said parking was a continual bugbear.

“Common sense tells us that the more difficult it is to shop or do business the more likely you will go somewhere else,” he said.

“Why is it that the whole community can see that all the effort being made is being completely undermined by a totally inapproprivate parking and charging strategy that not only chases customers away, but makes life extremely difficult for workers, with three hour parking limits and no longer term permits available.

“We are part of a substantial charity sector that helps keep our town centre alive, generating traffic and footfall.”

Jackie Johnston of Fife Women, which runs the Room 2 second hand furniture shop, said: “The problem doesn’t just affect charities, it affects the whole of the street, although struggling charities are being hit harder.

“We are supposed to have spaces at the back of our property for vans, but they are continally used by everyone parking there which causes problems.

“St Andrews has a ten minute leeway on its parking and that would be good for our customers who want to drop things off or pick up what they have bought, which would be a much better idea.”

Susan Smith, manageress at Barnardos, added: “We are not getting as much stock dropped off as we used to because customers can’t get parked, and our staff can only park at the back if they’re here early.”

Krzysztof Sobieski in the Bethany Shop said: “I think we should have one or two spaces here for people dropping off donations. Our vans are always being moved on.”