If you go down to the woods tonight...

A big colourful surprise at Cambo

It’s not every winter evening you’d want to wander around the woods, and, even more rare, take the chance to marvel at some highly unique and awe-inspiring light and art displays.

Cambo Snowdrop Festival

Cambo Snowdrop Festival

But for the next three nights, you can do just that at Cambo Estate ‘s ‘Snowdrops by Starlight’ event.

Donning my most fetching hat and gloves on Wednesday evening, I visited the estate for the first time, and certainly wasn’t disappointed.

After a few wrong turns, we were given our torches and sent in the direction of the trees.

And it wasn’t long before those trees were absolutely transformed.

The perfectly placed lights, in a fascinating array of colours turned a cold, dark forest into a magical land, where you wouldn’t be surprised to see the daintiest of fairies fly by.

And it isn’t just the light effects which capture your attention - simple but hugely effective art installations by Will Menter bring the woods to life - especially if you’re lucky enough to get a windy night.

An evening out of the ordinary to see the extra-ordinary - is highly recommended.

Snowdrops by Starlight at Cambo Estate runs until Sunday.