Illegal traveller camp back at Bumblebee Park in Glenrothes

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Tavellers have once again set up camp on a public play area in the Caskieberran precinct of Glenrothes.

A small encampment, consisting of four vehicles, pitched up on Tuesday evening. close to a residential area off Boblingen Way, known locally as Bumblebee Park.

It’s the fourth illegal camp in the last five weeks and the second time this specific area has been targeted by travellers.

Fife Council, who have acted robustly to recent similar illegal encampments, are expected to seek legal permission to evict the travellers from the site, but that is likely to take several days.

It’s the latest incident in what is expected to be a summer of problems for the town as English-based travellers continue to see Glenrothes as a legitimate stopping off destination while moving around the east coast of Scotland.

Council leader David Ross said last month he would continue to press the Lord Advocate’s office and the police to ensure appropriate enforcement action is taken over problems caused by unauthorised encampments.

The findings of the Council’s renewed search for suitable temporary sites are not expected until later this year.