In pictures: Fife man’s bid to trace Lisbon Lions’ supporters

Jerry (second from left) was a last minute addition to the trip.
Jerry (second from left) was a last minute addition to the trip.

A Fife pensioner who was involved in a once-in-a-lifetime road trip more than 50 years ago is trying to track down two Buckhaven men who were involved.

Jerry Woods (74) drove from Methil to Lisbon in May 1967 to watch Celtic face Internazionale in the European Cup Final, after the person who was going to drive his two cousins to the game dropped out at the last minute.

Spurred on by his grandson, who wrote a story at school about the trip, Jerry is now putting his memories to paper. But while he remembers most of the trip, there are things he can’t recall.

To help him fill in the blanks, Jerry is attempting to locate two men, who were friends of his cousins and who he never saw again after dropping them off on the journey home.

“I went down to say cheerio to them and my two cousins, Danny and Martin Sullivan, were still in the house,” Jerry explained.

“They asked if I could take them, because I had an old Morris Oxford.”

Jerry managed to get a passport and his car fixed before the long drive began on Sunday.

In need of a international driver’s licence and insurance for driving in Europe, he drove the group to London, before continuing on to Calais.

“By 4pm on Monday we were in Calais,” he said, “and we were in Lisbon by 4pm on Wednesday.

“Looking back, it’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done.”

Jerry tackled the 1000+ mile trip in two days, with the five sleeping in the car.

But it was all worth it.

Jerry, along with his cousins and the two mystery men, got to watch his beloved Celtic defeat Internazionale in the final, becoming the first British side to lift the famous trophy.

Having watched the final and driving back, the group soon found themselves running out of funds.

Jerry had only taken £5 with him – money he and his wife had saved for a deposit for a new washing machine.

He said: “We ran out of money near York. We went to a petrol station and had to give the guy our watches and my wedding ring to cover the cost of the fuel.

“Luckily, we got it back a few days later after we sent a letter with the money.”

Now Jerry, wanting to fill in the details of the memorable trip, is searching for the two men who joined them.

“I remember nothing about them,” he said. “But they were definitely from Buckhaven – I think from Methilhaven Road.”