Inquiry ongoing into Glenrothes death

The scene in Tummel Road. Pic: George McLuskie
The scene in Tummel Road. Pic: George McLuskie

Police have confirmed that no-one has yet been charged in connection with an alleged murder in Glenrothes last week.

Last week a spokesman for Police Scotland said a 28-year-old man had been arrested following the discovering of a body in a top floor flat in Tummel Road, Balfarg on Monday, April 13.

Aleksandrs Sokolovs

Aleksandrs Sokolovs

It is understood 29-year-old Latvian nation, Aleksandrs Sokolovs, may have been killed as a result of his throat being cut.

Following enquiries by the Gazette this week, Police Scotland said the man had not yet been charged and were unable to give any details about how long they intend to keep the 28-year-old under arrest, or when he may appear in Court.

The most recent statement issued by the police said Mr Sokolov’s death was being treated as suspicious and officers were currently pursuing a positive line of enquiry.

The statement said: “A 28-year-old man has been arrested for a matter in connection with the police investigation, which is ongoing.”

Police Scotland said the matter was being dealt with by the Crown Office and a no-one from Police Scotland in Fife would be able to comment further.

At the time of going to press no-one from the Crown Office was available.

Following news of the death several residents expressed their shock on social media.

According to comments on the Gazette facebook page Mr Sokolovs had been fairly well known in the local area with some describing him as a “nice guy” and expressing disbelief at his death.