Inspectors award Dunbog top marks

1011004 SSHC dunbog malawi 'pupils at Dunbog PS with some of their used clothes and books collected for Malawi - at Dunbog PS, Dunbog
1011004 SSHC dunbog malawi 'pupils at Dunbog PS with some of their used clothes and books collected for Malawi - at Dunbog PS, Dunbog

A SMALL rural north east Fife primary school has been given a glowing report by school inspectors.

Dunbog Primary, which serves the area around Abdie and Dunbog, has been praised on many aspects of the education service it provides, particulary the leadership of head teacher Marion Paton.

The HMI report issued this week said the school, which has 54 children on its roll, had a number of strengths which were marked as ‘very good’ by inspectors during their visit in January.

These included well-motivated children who enjoy learning and who play an active role in taking the school forward.


The school, which has a higher than average level of attendance, also produced consistently high levels of children’s achievement in reading, writing and mathematics.

Inspectors also pointed out the diversity of the curriculum which included teaching French to children in P5-7 and developing sport through plans for an outdoor sports area.

The report said that pupils enjoyed learning, and were very well behaved and enthusiastic.”

The inspectors went on: “Children are developing very well their confidence and a range of personal and social skills.

“They offer ideas and express interests and are able to pursue these with encouragement and support from staff.

“Individually and as a school they have enjoyed success in local and national competitions and festivals.

“As a result of the school’s many initiatives, children demonstrate an impressive awareness of global and ecological issues.

“They benefit from a good range of out-of-school clubs and experiences which help them achieve success and develop further their skills in working together.

The school was also said to have ‘very positive and productive relationships with parents, neighbours and the community’.

Mrs Paton’s leadership was described as ‘imaginative’ and staff were praised for their ‘positive’ teamwork.

The report said: “...all teachers play a leading role in at least one key initiative.

“Staff, with the keen encouragement of the headteacher, are active in developing their skills through courses and learning visits to other schools.

“Such commendable involvement in professional development has a clear impact on their work with children.”

The school’s links with Doroba in Malawi which has involved various fund-raising initiatives, was also praised.

During the inspection visit it was agreed that despite scoring ‘good’ marks for managing support for learning and managing self-evaluation processes, there was still room for improvement at Dunbog.

Mrs Paton said: “We are delighted with this excellent report which emphasises the very good quality of education provided, the welcoming atmosphere and the very special partnership between parents, pupils and the community.”