Integrity jibe hurtful says Logan fund girl

Maryann Couper said  she was left disgusted by people questioning the integrity of her charity gesture.
Maryann Couper said she was left disgusted by people questioning the integrity of her charity gesture.

The organiser of a donation site set up to help the family of a nine-year-old boy killed on the A92, says she is disgusted by people questioning the integrity of the gesture.

Several comments have posted online after the public donation details of a justgiving charity site to help the family of Logan Carrie, the Cadham youngster killed in a tragic road accident whilst returning home from a friend’s house on February 10, shared on social media.

Maryann Couper, a friend of the family, told the Gazette she set up the ‘Justgiving’ internet donation page was simply as a way for people to show support for the family, but has had several people questioning the integrity of the gesture.

“There have been people posting up negative comments about why the family need donations when funeral directors don’t charge for children’s funerals, and and why we have carried on despite the original donation target of £700 having been met,” explained Maryann, who set up the page 24 hours after hearing about the youngster’s death.

To date the site has raised around £2250.

“It was a simple way for the community to show the family that they shared their grief and were there to support them.” Maryann added.

“I set the page up, not the family, “I‘ve spoke with Logan’s mum Sionaid who said while she is overwhelmed by the level of support shown by the public, would give the fund back in an instant to have just a day back with her son.

“They have already said they will donate any unused amount to a charity or family experiencing a similar loss of a young one.”

The comments were widely condemned by many on the site, one read: “Who would have the low life to even comment vile things, would be a whole different story if it was their little boy, disgusted.”

Another read: ”They just need to shut right up disrespectful.”

Community gather to say farewell to Cadham youngster Logan

The Glenrothes community turned out in their hundreds on Monday to bid farewell at the funeral of Cadham youngster Logan Carrie.

Many attending the service at Leslie Baptist Church wore bright coloured clothing and fancy dress costumes the sombre occasion was turned into a celebration of the nine-year-old’s short life.

Following the church service, the youngster was laid to rest at the nearby cemetery.

The identical twin was stuck by a passing vehicle while crossing the busy A92 close to his home on Tuesday, February 10. He was rushed to Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy but died of his injuries shortly after.

Communities have united in their support for the family following the tragedy.