Interest in Remploy increases fourfold

Remploy Factory, Banbeath Industrial Estate, Leven
Remploy Factory, Banbeath Industrial Estate, Leven
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LEVEN’S Remploy factory has attracted even more potential buyers.

Last week, it was reported two groups were interested in taking on the Banbeath unit and Cowdenbeath factory but there are now said to be as many as eight parties keen to do so.

Of those, six are believed to be private buyers and two social enterprises.

The news will give hope to the 29 disabled workers in Leven who have been supported in recent weeks by Labour MPs Lindsay Roy and Gordon Brown.

In a joint statement, they said with the interest shown, there isn’t a reason why the factories should not stay operational.

“There is now no need to lose these factories,” they said.

“Having proved these factories can be saved, we will not accept closure as an answer.”

The interest is only the latest piece of good news for the factories in the past week, after the MPs met with Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and the Scottish Enterprise Minister Fergus Ewing last Wednesday evening.

Mr Duncan Smith agreed to look at a business plan presented to him by the MPs and Mr Ewing called for the UK Government to rethink its position.

The MPs added that, while the eight indications of interest completes stage one of their campaign – to show there was a future for the factories – they were now focusing on the second stage, to ensure sufficient transitional support so the factories become viable and the workforces will not be decimated.

Mr Roy and Mr Brown added: “We will continue to press the Government for support at a level that allows the factories to break even in their transitional stages. We have shown how, without greater transitional help from the Government, manufacturing work would be lost to Asia from the UK, from factories which have full order books.”