Investing in Fife makes good business sense

Diageo's Cameron Bridge facility is praised as a positive sign for business in Fife
Diageo's Cameron Bridge facility is praised as a positive sign for business in Fife

DIAGEO’S on-going development in Levenmouth has been heralded as a sign that businesses are still keen to grow in the Kingdom.

The company’s £65m generation plant at the Cameron Bridge distillery demonstrates an assurance that firms have a “confidence to invest” in new technologies, claims Fife Council’s chair of the enterprise, environment and transportation committee, Councillor Tony Martin.

Cllr Martin made the comment in a statement from the council on its ongoing commitment to secure new jobs, improve conditions for business and the growing of established and new firms in the Kingdom, despite a claim that it needs to make around £90m in savings by 2015.

The councillor said: “The challenge for us is to find ways that allow us to attract investment and deliver jobs in more cost-effective ways which respect the quality of the local environment - such an important asset to Fife and its residents.

“Fife is one of the few areas in Scotland that qualifies businesses to apply for regional selective assistance.

“If there is investment in a project, it can receive Government support based on the number of jobs being created or safeguarded.

“Fife has done exceptionally well in creating the right environment for investment to develop the region’s economy.”

In terms of the business being brought to Fife, Cllr Martin suggested the renewable energy sector was “already beneficial” to the Kingdom’s economy.

He also claimed the Energy Park in Methil was already considered a “success”.

As well as attempting to attract business to Fife, the council is also looking ways of regenerating its town centres, according to Cllr Martin.

He said: “Creating high quality, attractive town centres that will, in turn, attract private sector investment and increasing numbers of visitors remains a priority.”