‘Irresponsible’ work slammed by councillor

Lawhead School Wynd, St Andrews, where development work has been criticised by local councillor Brian Thomson
Lawhead School Wynd, St Andrews, where development work has been criticised by local councillor Brian Thomson

A St Andrews councillor has raised concerns about “irresponsible” development working taking place at Lawhead School Wynd in the town.

Four flats are planned for the site of the former janitor’s house and nursery but, according to Councillor Brian Thomson, work started on the site before final agreement on a scheme of works for the development had been agreed with Fife Council.

Cllr Thomson told St Andrews Community Council members he had been “surprised to get home from work to find out that the former janitor’s house had been reduced to a pile of rubble”.

H e added: “The site shares an access road with Lawhead Primary School and is located directly adjacent to the school and a number of residential properties.

“However, no consultation with the Council, the school or local residents had taken place.”

To make matters worse, Cllr Thomson said that, the following day, as children were arriving at the school, three trucks were lined up in the layby on Lawhead School Wynd, to be loaded with rubble from the site. “I understand the loading of the trucks was still taking place when children were arriving for school and nursery,” he said, adding: “It is extremely irresponsible to carry out such works directly adjacent to a primary school, without ensuring the school and Council are satisfied with the hours of work, traffic management arrangements, and the control measures for noise and dust.”

A condition of planning consent is there should be a Scheme of Works agreed between developers and the council. Cllr Thomson claimed this had not been done before work started. Now, however, he has reported that Council officers are to meet with the contractor and school staff later this month to review the operational arrangements, in particular access arrangements and times of operation.

Gianni Giacomini of Building Design Services, the agent for Guardbridge-based developer Lawhead Developments Limited, said this week his client did not want to comment on the issue.

But Mr Giacomini gave assurances that everything was being done to secure the safety of the site and roads around it: “There is no site traffic while the schoolchildren are coming and going,” he stressed, adding that all the appropriate paperwork had been agreed with Fife Council.