Is London man Fifer who went missing 24 years ago?

Peter McGuire, left, as he looked in 1993, and right, an artist's impression of what he could look like now.
Peter McGuire, left, as he looked in 1993, and right, an artist's impression of what he could look like now.

Police are appealing for help in solving the mystery of a Fifer who went missing 24 years ago, after a man using his details was apparently found living rough in London.

On January 27, 1993, Peter McGuire, who was 21 at the time, went missing from his home in High Valleyfield. He was seen later that day leaving Carnegie Swimming pool.

An extensive investigation was launched to trace Peter, resulting in his car being recovered near the Forth Road Bridge, however there were no further sightings or information regarding Peter’s whereabouts.

In November 2016 information was received that a man using Peter's name and date of birth had been living rough in the Hastings area of England and this information was progressed by officers from Police Scotland's Fife Division.

As a result of these inquiries, it has been established that the man quickly moved on and may have then been in the West London area.

Peter's family have been informed of these updates and police are continuing to carry out investigative work to try and identify the man with Peter's name and date of birth.

Police have now released two photos below - one of what Peter looked like back in 1993 and one of what he may look like now.

Detective Inspector Kelly McEwan from Dunfermline CID said: "At this time, we do not know if the male down south is indeed the Peter McGuire who went missing from High Valleyfield almost 25 years ago, however he provided information which suggested knowledge of Peter’s circumstances.

"As such we are conducting a thorough investigation and liaising with our colleagues at the relevant police forces to try and identify and speak to this individual.

"Members of the public who live in any of the locations currently involved in this inquiry and who believe they have useful information are asked to contact police immediately, particularly those living and working within the homeless networks.

"We would also ask that if Peter McGuire becomes aware of this appeal then he comes forward to speak with us. I would like to stress that our priority is confirming if Peter is safe and well and we will not disclose his whereabouts to any other person against his wishes."

In a statement issued through Police Scotland, Peter's family said: “Peter you are a big part of our lives that is missing and the pain of that has never gone away.

"We all love you so much and worry about you every day. Please Peter find it in yourself to get in touch.

"It would be a blessing to hear from you. We would love for you to be a part of our lives again in any way you choose, your terms, your pace, one step at a time.

"We are here for you, our doors will always be open for you. God bless you Peter and know that you are loved by us all so very much”

Those with information can contact Dunfermline Police Station via 101.