Is St Andrews the most romantic place in Scotland?

Romantic St Andrews (Zyllan Fotograf�a/Flickr).
Romantic St Andrews (Zyllan Fotograf�a/Flickr).

A man was so blown away by his visit to St Andrews that he has declared it the most romantic place in Scotland.

Blogger Peter Parkorr says he has been to his fair share of romantic destinations - the cobbled streets of Paris, sunset on the top of California’s Big Sur, a quiet candle-lit bar in Tokyo and seeing hundreds of cherry trees blossoming in Korea.

But none of them appear to match St Andrews for that romantic feeling.

He waxes lyrical about the “gentle northern sunshine”, the quaint Scottish terraces and “incredible purples and oranges of the sunrise” but says he can’t quite put his finger on the X-factor that made St Andrews more special than anywhere else he had been.

He even put together a video of the scenes that captured his romantic imagination.

What do you think? It was certainly the place that kindled the flame of romance between Kate and Wills but is there somewhere else in Scotland you think is more romantic?