Is there cash to be made in your attic?

Jonty Hearnden
Jonty Hearnden

Much loved teddy bears, old coins, jewellery and family heirlooms are being dug out of storage as the popular Cash in the Attic Roadshow heads for Glenrothes.

Jonty Hearnden, star of BBC’s popular Cash in the Attic will be at the Kingdom Shopping Centre on Saturday, October 11 from 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m, to cast his expert eye over objects brought in by owners desperate to find out if their treasured possessions really could be worth a small fortune.

The antiques expert said: “The whole point of what we do is to help people and to let them know what it is they possess. And from that, they can perhaps understand its value. It’s actually amazing what comes out of the woodwork when we put on these sessions.

“I have had everything from jewellery worth thousands of pounds to pocket watches and pottery to, shall we say, overly loved and often rather threadbare teddy bears. 

“However, I’m always genuinely surprised at just what we do get to see. And what we have to remember is that although an object may have very little monetary value it will have massive sentimental value to the person who owns it.”

Robert Winter, manager of the shopping centre, said: “Cash in the Attic is such a popular TV show so it’s extremely exciting that we have the roadshow coming to us here in Glenrothes. It’s bound to be a big hit with shoppers and perhaps we will unearth some magical pieces that turn out to be worth a fortune.”

If you have an object you would like to know the value of, please bring it along for a free valuation.