Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Let there be light! Residents from left: Iain Balfour, Brian MacDonald, Celia Proctor and John Taylor.
Let there be light! Residents from left: Iain Balfour, Brian MacDonald, Celia Proctor and John Taylor.

Fed-up residents in an apartment complex in the centre of Kirkcaldy say they have been waiting THREE YEARS to have lighting fixed.

And they have contacted the Press in a last ditch attempt to get some action taken on the ongoing saga which they claim has resulted in elderly residents suffering falls.

People living in the flats on Nicol Street first reported that two street lights, situated in the middle of landscaped communal areas, were not working back in 2011.

Celia Proctor (73), at 39 Nicol Street, said: “These lights have not worked for a full three years now, it’s just ridiculous. I’m fed up phoning and going into the Town House to report this and just being passed from pillar to post.

“The problem seems to be that they can’t decide whether these lights are classed as street lighting or internal lighting, because they are in the middle of the complex and not on the main road.

“I have contacted my councillor, the housing department, transportation and many others and they say they will look into it then it goes no further.

“One of the lights is near to a set of three concrete steps and in the winter it is really dark and you can hardly see where you are going.

“It’s just luck that there hasn’t been a serious accident because there are many elderly and infirm residents living here.

“A man from the Council came out three weeks ago and put tape around the faulty lights then left and nothing has happened since then.”

John Taylor, another resident of the complex, said: “Last winter I was coming home and an old man who lives in one of the blocks had fallen down the stairs in the dark. He wasn’t badly hurt, and luckily I heard him shouting, but it could have been a lot more serious.

“He was badly shaken up and if I hadn’t happened to come along he could have been lying there for a while.

Something needs to be done to get these fixed once and for all.”

Alan Russell, housing senior manager with Fife Council, said: “Personally, I’m not aware of this, but I will look into the problem to ensure that we can get this satisfactorily resolved.”