Is this the Burma Ballroom’s jukebox?

Jim Dobie and his vintage Wurlitzer jukebox
Jim Dobie and his vintage Wurlitzer jukebox

A proud owner of a vintage Wurlitzer is calling on Kirkcaldy’s very own Jukebox Jury to delve into its archives and help solve a mystery.

Jim Dobie purchased the machine four years ago from a local dealer who claimed it had originated from the Burma Ballroom.

I play it every Friday and Saturday night

Jim Dobie, Vintage Wurlitzer owner

But the 83-year-old music enthusiast is not absolutely convinced – are you?

The Cabaret 160 Jukebox, which is enclosed in a gothic-style wooden case and features a panel above of dancing ballerinas, was one of the last generation of jukeboxes to made by the famous American Wurlitzer company in 1976.

The machine is in full working order and, according to Mr Dobie, still sounds fantastic.

The former joiner, who lives in Methil, said: “If you go 300 yards down the road you will hear it.

“I play it every Friday and Saturday night. All kinds of music.

He added: “No, I’ve not had a complaint from the neighbours!”

Mr Dobie purchased the machine for £400 from a furniture shop near Aldi’s in McKenzie Street.

It holds 80 singles of 45 rpm size and Mr Dobie has an entire vinyl collection to play on it, including his favourite opera tracks.

And, because the jukebox is coin-operated, he also had to buy old-style 10p coins – which today on the secondhand market cost 35p each – to play it.

But he bought a pocketful of them and manages to get around three hours of music before he has to get the key out and re-use them.

Mr Dobie is no stranger to amassing collections. He owns 36 elephant items, because they are “the biggest mammal on earth” and, two years ago, developed a fascination for all things Japanese.

He also recently gave away 1200 records to charity, before they “took over” his house.

Mr Dobie told the Press it had been his dream to own a classic Wurlitzer Jukebox from the ‘50s, which can, on today’s market, set buyers back by a whopping £7000.

In the meantime, he is delighted with his ‘70s model, which takes pride of place in his kitchen.

In the 1970s, there were numerous thriving venues in the Lang Toun with a use for a jukebox, the Burma Ballroom on Kirkcaldy’s Esplanade being just one.

Mr Dobie would love to know where his jukebox was previously housed and hopes this picture can jog someone’s memory.

But, if the mystery remains unsolved, he confesses he can live with that too.

He said: “It’s old but it goes and I enjoy it...and that’s it!”

Do you remember this distinctive jukebox?

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