It isn’t all quiet behind the scenes at the Kings

Construction work at the Kings has revealed an arch window - the first time it has been uncovered since 1935 (pic by  Lynn Smith at LS Photography)
Construction work at the Kings has revealed an arch window - the first time it has been uncovered since 1935 (pic by Lynn Smith at LS Photography)

The Kings Theatre Kirkcaldy project is still on track despite what seems from the outside to have been a quiet couple of months.

The team behind the regeneration of the building have been hard at work behind the scenes dealing with paperwork and further construction work, which has enhanced the inner entrance.

Grant Foster, chief executive officer, admitted: “Publicly, it’s been quiet. We’re having to start from scratch when it comes to things like procurement policy, health and safety and creating employee handbooks.

“We’ve had to deal with all these sort of things – mind-numbing stuff that needs to be done, so that’s taken a couple of months.

“We’re experienced in the theatre and events world but when it comes to running the other side of things we’re still learning.”

Stephen Barbour, events manager, added: “The support we’ve had in doing all this though, has been overwhelming. It’s been a massive learning curve and the help we’ve had has made it a lot easier.”

Plans are now being made to get architects involved properly, appoint a project manager and work on apprenticeship programmes.

They will also shortly be announcing a board of directors and are firming up a partnership with Employability Fife.

Stephen said: “We’re not running away to the big boys to get all the work done. We’re trying to keep everything local.

“Keeping the community involved is what we’ve been striving to do from day one.

“We’ll also have the Hub open soon, our offices on site, there’s scope to have the YMCA building open and running as a business, before the theatre is completed, then people can get a flavour of what we can bring to the town.”

Construction work on the foyer revealed an arched window, the first time it has been uncovered since 1935.

“Last week we finished and uncovered the arch,” Stephen said. “Just getting that false ceiling down, uncovering the arch and removing the middle partition between the staircases has made such a difference. It’s like a different building.

“Were now aiming to get the building open for Doors Open day on September 10, but if not we’ll be hoping to begin the tours again around then, because there will be more to see.

“Although we’ve been shut, we opened the doors the other week there and straight away there was a stream of people popping in asking when the tours were coming back, everyone has been asking about them!”

“It’s great that everyone is still behind us – and don’t think that we’ve stopped!”

The theatre also had a visit from an important visitor, who left extremely impressed.

“David Cowan, head of Scottish regeneration for the Scottish Government, came last week and was blown away,” Grant said, “We gave him the tour and he was so enthusiastic.”

“We still have the funding and are very much on track. In fact, we’re probably in an better position than we hoped to be at this point.

“This is definitely happening.”