It’ll all end in Tears ...

The owlman cometh
The owlman cometh

DYSART film-maker Lawrie Brewster is busy preparing for the release of his latest film in July.

‘Lord of Tears’ is a supernatural thriller in the classic tradition of films such as ‘The Wickerman.’

It concerns a man trapped in a crumbling mansion, stalked by an owl-headed monster in the misty highlands of Scotland, on a mission to piece together a childhood broken apart by dark secrets.

On location

It was filmed at locations throughout Kirkcaldy and Dysart as well as on a country estate in the Highlands of Scotland, and students from Adam Smith College feature in a classroom scene.

The film is now available to order in DVD and digital VOD for delivery in July, as well as other merchandise.

Lawrie and his team are busy selling them through a Kickstarter campaign, to help them collect funds towards an exhibition tour to show the film in Fife and around Scotland.

He explained: “Every campaign is a major challenge as it takes a lot of work to promote and persuade people to pledge a contribution.

‘‘Ours is to last 35 days and already on day four we’ve been fortunate enough to reach over 50 per cent of our £6000 target.


“We’ve received a wide range of contributions from around the world, including notably generous contributions from a Sultan of the Arab Emirates and an established Hollywood producer.

‘‘We’ve also received unexpected and welcome endorsements from notable industry figures, including Signe Olynyk – producer and writer of ‘Below Zero’ and Elisabeth Fies, director of ‘The Commune.’

“We’ve found news of the film spreading over 20 news sites and have discovered articles in Spain, Mexico and Italy alongside the UK and the USA.”


Lawrie explained that the film had also been receiving extra publicity because this month is ‘Women in Horror’ month, and his partner in the film, Sarah Daly, wrote the script.

“I feel very much that I am producing a kind of authentic modern incarnation of a classic Hammer Horror Film, a chiller focussed more on atmosphere, character and story than just a rollercoaster ride of scary gotchas,” he said.

The script is written by Sarah, music artist Metaphorest, and stars David Schofield from ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ and ‘Gladiator’, and is directed by Lawrie.