It’s a close shave for men’s charity

The Moclad team raised over �3300
The Moclad team raised over �3300

It was a case of ‘hair today, gone tomorrow’ for the top lips of men in Glenrothes, as they made a dash for the razor for the first time in a month.

For those who had spent November cultivating a whole range of moustaches from the ‘Mexican’ to the ‘Errol Flynn’ finally said goodbye to their facial fashion statement.

Hundreds of men from across the region had taken part in the popular Movember charity event which aims to bring about more awareness to a range of men’s health issues including testicular cancer.

For the men of Markinch who had signed up for the event there was a ceremonial ‘shave off’ for participants held in Balbirnie Golf Club on Sunday evening.

The team from Markinch Community Trust were joined by Fife Provost, Jim Leishman and Dr Bob Grant to ensure a close shave.

Councillor John Beare, who is no stranger when it comes to sporting a hairy top lip told the Gazette: “We are delighted by the support our participants have received in the last month.

“Our primary aim was to raise the profile of Men’s health. The simple message is, if you notice a change in your body, go and see your GP. Don’t put it off.”

Movember has evolved from 30 guys in Australia 10years ago and has ‘grown’ to become an annual global event. Nineteen employees of Proclad Group companies based in Glenrothes grew moustaches in order to raisesponsorship money.

The ‘Mo Bros’ supported by their ‘Mo Sistas’, families, friends, suppliers and customers raised over £3,300

Duncan McDougall, the Proclad Group Operations Director, said: “Growing the moustaches provided a lot of fun and enjoyment, but also sent out a positive health message to all employees

“Congratulations to all the ‘Mo Bros’ who took part and thank you to the ‘Mo Sistas’.”