It’s double double trouble at Kirkcaldy High School!

The Lafferty clan, from left: Michael, Abbi, Joe, Mathew and Taylor. Pic: FPA
The Lafferty clan, from left: Michael, Abbi, Joe, Mathew and Taylor. Pic: FPA

Kirkcaldy High School was delighted to welcome not one but two sets of twins from the same family to school after the summer break last week.

While Michael and Taylor Lafferty (16) started their final year in S6 at the school, their younger siblings Abbi and Mathew (12) were just starting in S1.

But rector Derek Allan insisted that having two sets of twins won’t mean double trouble for their teachers, telling the Press: “They are all good kids and the older twins, along with their brother Joe who is in S4, have been a very positive influence at KHS.”

The odds of having two sets of fraternal twins in the one family is one in 3000, and Mr Allan says he has never come across two sets of twins in all his time in teaching.

“We are delighted to have all the Lafferty twins at our school and I am sure they will be a credit to their family,” he said.

To mark the occasion the twins were photographed in a re-enactment of the photograph they had taken on their first day of primary school.

Abbi said: “I remember us all having our photograph taken when we started at primary school. It seems like a very long time ago!”

Taylor, who is house captain for Oswald house, while Michael is vice captain, added: “It is just normal for us. We sometimes wish we were identical twins because I am better at maths and Michael at English and we could have sat each others exams!”

Dad Colin said: “It can be chaotic at times, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.”