It’s official! Largo is a nudist hotspot

Spot has been flagged by British Naturism
Spot has been flagged by British Naturism
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Largo is world-famous for its Robinson Crusoe connection ...but tourists could be flocking to its beaches for altogether different reasons soon.

That’s because Largo - specifically Dumbarnie Links - has been listed on the British Naturism website as a hotspot beach destination for nudists.

A spokesperson for the society said the secluded beach - managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust - was an obvious attraction for those who wished to enjoy Scotland’s beauty “au naturel”.

“I can understand why naturists would be interested in it because they want to commune with nature at every opportunity,” he said.

“We would love it to have official status but that’s another story!”

The remote strip, sandwiched between Earlsferry and Largo, has long been an attraction for amorous young couples seeking a secluded spot.

However, in more recent years, the beach has arguably become better known for the occasional nude visitor.

Nevertheless, its official listing has been met with a degree of surprise.

“They say all publicity is good publicity but maybe not this time,” said Peter Aitken, chairman of Largo Community Council.“It’s a dubious distinction.”

“In any case, for most of the year the beach is too cold, even on sunny days,” he laughed.“It’s not so much a hotspot - more of a coldspot.”

Sheriff Charlie Macnair judged that a nude man arrested on the beach in 2010 had committed no crime because the evidence was that “Dumbarnie Links is regularly used by nudists and naturists”.

Inspector Tom Brown said police were aware of the beach’s unofficial status and said reported incidents of nudism would be dealt with “on their individual merits”.

“Where there was evidence of any breach of legislation then the police would act accordingly,” he said.