It’s that old Black magic

Young Fife magician Liam A. Black
Young Fife magician Liam A. Black
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MAGICAL is a word often used to describe festive shows.

But there’s a special element of real magic in this year’s Adam Smith pantomime, and it’s been brought to the stage by a young Fife magician.

Liam A. Black has been learning magic and about its history since he was nine.

Now, aged just 17, he’s passed on a secret to a few members of the On at Fife team, to ensure there’s something truly magical about their production.

The S6 pupil has been acting as a magic consultant for ‘Sleeping Beauty’, and he also worked with cast members on ‘Hansel and Gretel’ at Carnegie Hall this season.

Liam told the Press: “The On at Fife crew are some of the nicest, most professional people in the land of pantomime, and their productions certainly relect this huge effort from revolving sets to bespoke, glittering costumes and scenery, to the use of some of the most cutting edge special effects known to man.

“Both cast members I worked with were professional and both respected the fact that the secrets have to be kept.

“It’s natural they’d want to tell friends how it works, but they understood that only they were to know how it’s done.”

For someone as young as Liam to be working as a magic consultant for theatre productions is a great achievement, and he hopes to go on and build his own illusions in future.

So how did his interest in magic come about?

“I went to a friend’s birthday party when I was nine and she had a magician there,” he said.

“I thought it was really cool and taught myself from there.

“The idea of doing something impossible which combined all the stuff I like, like theatre and woodwork was what attracted me to it.”

Liam was the protegee of Maestro Allen Tipton, the first magician in the world to ever be awarded a title by any magic authority, and it was thanks to his advice Liam is an award-winning magician.

Liam’s magic consultancy has already been put to use in stage productions including ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’.

He’s also going to be supplying the magic and special effects for a forthcoming production of ‘Cats’ at Carnegie Hall.

So why does Liam want to combine magic and theatre?

“I’ve always combined the two,” he explained.

“Since my first performance I’ve always liked to make it a mix of theatre, magic and illusions when I perform.

“I think being fooled isn’t a pleasant experience for a lot of people.

“With magic I think you need to put it forward in a way that’s entertaining.

“You don’t want to fool people, you’re entertaining them.”